The Importance of a Good Saddle Pad

Horse PadsSaddle pads have been used throughout the history of horse riding in an attempt to create the best fitting saddle that will not slip and remain cool beneath the rider. When riding a horse pads are placed beneath the saddle to help prevent soreness in both the horse and rider, with the jarring motion often felt by riders when an incorrectly fitting saddle and saddle pads are used the importance of a good saddle pad cannot be underestimated.

In the twenty-first century the need for a high quality saddle pad is important for those looking for a comfortable ride, with a large amount of new materials used in producing pads there is no need for any ride to be uncomfortable in modern times. Most riders place a pad from Vitafloor USA under the saddle, which is designed to help hold the saddle in place and increase the amount of air flow passing between the horse and the saddle. The high expense of saddles often makes it difficult to purchase a new saddle each time a different horse is ridden. In cases where a new saddle cannot be found each time a horse is ridden the pad placed underneath can help secure an ill fitting saddle.

Comfort and shock absorption, as discussed at http://vitafloorusa.comĀ are two of the major reasons for investing in a high quality horse pad. When a saddle shifts as the horse is ridden a large amount of soreness can occur for both the horse and rider, by helping the saddle fit better the pad can reduce soreness for both horse and rider and reduce downtime between rides. When riding a horse for prolonged periods the amount of movement in a saddle makes it difficult to avoid shock being pushed through the body of the rider. A well padded horse pad can, such as Koole Sedelogic saddle pads using new materials and technology can reduce shock by absorbing the movement of the horse as the ride progresses.