Get A Helping Hand At Home

Helping Hands for Caregivers.

When caregivers step up to help an older relative or friend, they can be signing up for a pretty tall order. And while there may not be a line of volunteers standing behind the caregiver for all the chores that are waiting to be done, there can be help… a lot of it.

We really live in a concierge economy. When we are in an office environment, we have a host of support folks on whom we can call. If it has to get there (wherever “there” is) overnight, we know we can call on one of the express carriers. And they will even pick it up from our office, if we wish. If we have a problem with our computer hardware or software, there is tech support. And we do not have to work at one of the major companies to have someone as close as toll free number. We have so many options that we tend to even take many of them for granted.

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Caregivers, on the other hand, often find themselves stepping into a void. It only becomes clear that an aging parent or dear friend needs help when the dishes pile up in the sink. Or you only find out that they have difficulty getting to the grocery store for their staples when they begin to show signs of poor nutrition or the refrigerator is bare. So the caregiver steps up to help where they can, and the list of what needs doing can seem formidable.

The help list for the caregiver, however, goes well beyond what we may be thinking when we look to what is available to place at their senior’s disposal. Yes, meals can easily be delivered to a home for a reasonable charge using Meals on Wheels or Seattle Sutton. If you type Seattle Sutton into your search engine, you will find that they deliver just about anywhere nationally along with a wide menu of healthy food options… and a map with a pin showing precisely where the nearest location is. There also are a wide range of light- and heavy-cleaning companies that can help leverage the caregiver who also has her own home to clean.

And if the caregiver or senior has web access, the whole world is at their doorstep. There is Fancy Hands in some locales who bill themselves as a “personal assistant for everyone.” Since they are virtual, they will be your web guru or untangle any billing that the senior may be faced with. And then there is Task Rabbit which volunteers to assemble furniture, deliver groceries, do the laundry, delivery what you ordered from IKEA along with a good many more “anything” sorts of tasks.

Not everyone has the funds to pay professionals who understandably need to be compensated for their services. In that case, check out public resources. Virtually every city, county or state has an office that will go to bat for seniors if contacted. There are offices of senior ombudspersons or advocates who can untangle problems or get help on site to assist older adults who do not have the resources to attend to those needs themselves. So, if you are a caregiver who feels like an “army of one,” check out these resources as well as those on the Resources Page of our site. You deserve some help.

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