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Employment Opportunities in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale is a major city in the eastern part of Arizona, adjacent to Phoenix, the capital. According to 2010 results, the current population of Scottsdale is around 245,000. In most cases, Scottsdale is referred to as a luxurious travel destination and a destination for shopping. The New York Times described Scottsdale, Arizona as the “”desert version of Miami’s South Beach.”” There are plenty of employment opportunities within Scottsdale.

Since Scottsdale is an upscale travel destination, the tourism industry is Scottsdale’s main employer, leading the way with about 40% of the workforce in Scottsdale. In the year of 2005 alone, Scottsdale attracted more than 7 million tourists. In that year, there was an economical impact of over $3 billion. Because of the high tourism, hotels and resorts play a major part in the economy, many of them ranking with an Five-Diamond status. The only city in the United States to have more of these types of hotels is New York City.

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As a tourism-based economy, other industries that are associated with tourism also flourish, such as spas, corporate meeting destinations, and upper-class golf courses. Many national, and international, companies consider Scottsdale at the top of their lists for meetings, conferences, and conventions, due to the concentration of high ranking hotels and recreational activities.

The region of the United States where Scottsdale is located is normally warm year-round, making the ideal travel destination for any time of the year. Since it is, technically, available throughout the year, Scottsdale tourism appeal is much higher than that of other destinations. For example, during the winter months in northern and Midwestern states, Scottsdale is full of tourist from those areas (locally known as “snowbirds”). Some of these types of tourists participate in this migration to Scottsdale annually, sometimes even obtaining a second house in Scottsdale.

Because of the high-end lifestyle people that Scottsdale attracts, luxury shopping stores, restaurants, and art galleries have made an impact on the job market in Scottsdale. The Mayo Clinic, the famous online health information website, has one of its three major branches in Scottsdale. Because of this, Scottsdale has become a strong destination for medical care.

Another booming industry in Scottsdale that goes without saying is the aviation industry. The Scottsdale Airport was constructed in 1960, in North Scottsdale. The area immediately surrounding that Scottsdale Airport, commonly known as The Airpack area, has become a major center for commerce in Scottsdale. This area mainly consists of employment opportunities in the retail, service, design, manufacturing, and technical industries.

Also within the Airpack area of Scottsdale is a huge market for real estate. The real estate and business combined have an economical impact of more than $3 billion annually. Because of the high tourism rates of Scottsdale, the Airpack area is continually growing. Because of the rising success of the Scottsdale area, statistics project that the area will overtake the central Phoenix markets, which will make it the largest contributor for employment in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Because of the high-end tourism and luxurious lifestyles of the people that travel to Scottsdale, it has become one of the major pleasure destinations in the country. Many of the employment opportunities can be found in hotels, restaurants, and other industries associated with travel.