A Mean Cup Of Joe

Enjoy Your Cup of Joe Without Disrupting Your Sleep.

You, like so many Americans, may struggle with sleeping well throughout the night. This can cause you to wake up tired and irritable to start your day. Instead of struggling with this problem any longer, it is time to make a change by using these helpful tips to get the rest you need!

Get Personal

Every person needs a different amount of sleep to feel rested, so you cannot judge your needs based on your spouse or a friend. Determine what works best for you by going to sleep when you are tired and waking up naturally to see how much sleep you need to perform well. The best way to do this is by sleeping without an alarm on the weekends to wake up naturally, and then sleep that same amount on the weekdays to see the greatest results.

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Regular Sleep Schedule

Going to bed and waking up at around the same time every day will do you a great favor in giving you the vital rest your body needs. This promotes regular sleep patterns in your body so that you get the best rest when you sleep. If at all possible, use this same method on the weekends so that you stick to the same sleep schedule to make it easier to go to bed on Sunday evenings.

Avoid Stimulants Before Bed

Even if you are an avid coffee drinker, which actually provides a number of health benefits, experts recommend avoiding caffeine 4 to 6 hours before bedtime. If you are caffeine sensitive, this is a helpful tip to prevent insomnia, and you also need to avoid alcohol and tobacco before bed as well. If you love having a cup of Joe after dinner – and who doesn’t? – try instead a decaf variety. Again, if you are sensitive to caffeine, keep in mind that decaffeinated coffee still has a small amount of caffeine, and decaf coffee is normally 97% to 99% caffeine free.

Eat Light Before Bed

Many people have a difficult time getting to sleep if they are suffering from indigestion from fatty and spicy foods or have eaten too much. To make sure that you sleep well every night, eat simple and light foods several hours before you go to sleep. If you get hungry before you go to bed, have an easily digestible snack that contains carbohydrates or dairy. It is also best to cut back on drinking liquid before bed so that you don’t have to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom.

With all of this information in mind, you can look forward to sleeping well and waking up feeling your best to start your day with a delicious cup of coffee! Getting a good night of rest does not mean that you have to stop drinking coffee, especially since it provides so many health benefits, like reducing the risk of stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and type II diabetes.

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